On-site OSHA Respirator Fit Testing

Serving New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania/Connecticut


Welcome to American Health Traning Center Fittesting Services. We provide quality, cost effective on-site respirator fit testing in New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania/Connecticut for all your employees that are required by OSHA regulations to wear a respirator while on the job. Professionally fitted, NIOSH-certified masks are a safety requirement meant to protect against breathing air contaminated by harmful vapors, fumes, and particles. OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134 requires employees to be medically cleared and fit tested before wearing a respirator; a physician or other licensed health care professional must review the employees’ medical evaluations. Our staff is here to help you complete all OSHA mask fit testing requirements, provide respirator fit test kits, assist with OSHA reporting and paperwork requirements, and, ultimately, to help you protect your employees.

  • Cost-effective and highly efficient fit test clinics run at your location by our trained staff. There’s no longer a need to send your employees to costly urgent care providers or occupational health clinics; just choose the date and time and we’ll come to you!
  • A full range of OSHA Respiratory Compliance Program solutions designed to cut costs and improve safety.
  • Complete Professional Fit Testing Services supplies, including pre-clinic education materials, testing supplies, and fit test certification documentation. We fit test your employees with N-95/N-100 respirator (TB masks), half-face/full-face respirators, and do disposable dust mask fit tests as specified by current OSHA-accepted respirator fit test protocols.
  • Your choice of respirator products—any brand, any type. All dusk mask fit tests, half mask respirator fit tests, and other respirator testing, regardless of product preference, are provided by technicians trained in OSHA fit testing protocols.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate multiple shifts and departments.
  • Full HIPPA compliance; confidentiality of protected employee medical information is ensured.
  • Specializing in MSA - Certified MSA Technician.

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